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Warehouse Mid

Camp Lejeune, NC · Information Technology
Perform inspection on storage facility, supervise material handling equipment  (MHE) (e.g.  forklifts,  tractors) preventive  maintenance  program  and  MHE usage, prepare warehouse planograph, compute warehouse net storage space area, monitor the warehouse space control  system, analyze and determine  MHE requirements, and maintain secure storage of hardware and software.  Maintain  computer-based  warehouse  applications and  mainframe  locator systems. Maintain records of sub custody principal end items, conduct inventories, monitor shelf life items, input data entry transactions, and retrieval  of historical records. Maintain hand-held optical character recognition scanners,  devices,  and  multimedia  retrieval  systems.  Supervise  the  following procedures: location survey, location addition, location consolidation, embarkation, warehouse security, and care in storage. Supervise the following    operations: stage material, inventory, receiving, shipping, warehouse  safety program,  and  storage.  Review and  update  materials and  equipment  delivery and receipt processes and prepare Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR). Experience with Department of Defense (DoD) warehouse operations. Must possess license to operate MHE, operate bulk and small parts conveyer systems used in warehousing operations, and have a current 6k forklift license.

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